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Truth and Daemons

Truth and Daemons

Author: [info]leafy07

Artist: [info]wayward77

Pairing/Characters: Rick, Billy, Michael, Casey

Rating: PG

Warning: Crossover, knowledge of His Dark Materials not needed

Disclaimer: I don't own CHAOS, this is just for fun

Fusion with His Dark Materials. The right bastards and their daemons.

Author's Notes:
This is more of an experimental piece than anything else. Think of it as a character study :)

I'd like to thank [info]wayward77 for her wonderful artworks involving the boys and their daemons. Also to [info]faye_dartmouth for her help running the Big Bang when I had troubles and was unable to do so.

Thanks must also go to all the other participants (whether you finished or not) as well as all the members of the CHAOS fandom. Don't ever let this wonderful show fade into oblivion!!

Story: Masterpost
A/N: This isn't quite finished yet, but will be done in a few days. The first two parts are ready and waiting for your enjoyment :)

The One with Ghosts and Zombies

Title: The One with Ghosts and Zombies
Author: Lymricks
Rating: PG-13
Genre and/or Pairing: Gen
Spoilers: Nothing episode specific, but definitely a few overall for the whole series if you haven't been paying attention to who's dating/dated who.
Warnings: Billy!Whump, Character sort of death, Zombies, and hijinks.
Word Count: 15,084
Notes: I took this one right down to the wire. Irene tried to kick my butt, then Boston tried to rain on my parade, but my amazing, wonderful, fantastic artist wallflower18 was so encouraging. So here it is. For better or for worse. (I'll have a link to the art masterpost as soon as it's unlocked! but you can see all the art in the fic!)

OH HEY! COME HERE! and look at all the beautiful art that goes with this fic!


A Matter of Luck

Title:  A Matter of Luck

Author:  faye_dartmouth

Artist:  tekiclutch

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer:  Not mine.

A/N:  I hope I'm posting this correctly!  Other notes and acknowledges on the master post.

Summary:  Rick doesn’t need luck; he just needs his skills and his determination and this case will be over in no time.


Writer/Artist Check In

Rough drafts were due yesterday, so I hope everyone got them in.  Is everyone closing in on their finish?  Is everyone ready to post come next week? 

I'm pretty excited to see what turns out, so I hope everyone else is, too :)

Does anyone need anything?  Or are there other issues and questions that need to be addressed?

Writer/Artist Check-In

I do believe all the art is assigned, so hopefully all the authors and artists have been in contact with each other over the last week or so and have their work in progress :)  We're approaching the end of August, which means we're approaching some pretty big deadlines, so I'd like to remind everyone to head over to the FAQ post to make sure that you're on track to finish on time.

Also, I think we're supposed to start talking about betas soon.  With only for people writing, it shouldn't be too hard, but if anyone does need a beta, I suppose we should start discussing it now :)

Anyway, please check in today if you can just so we all know who is still in the game and on track to finish on time!  Thanks!

Writer Check-In

So we're getting progressively closer to the deadline.  How is it coming?  Are you still on track?

Also, artist assignments have started--I think we're down to one artist left to hear from regarding their match up.  For the rest of you, be sure to get in contact with your artist ASAP so they have time to get things going!

Artist Sign Up

Okay, I volunteered to help leafy07  keep the Big Bang moving, which means it's time to start thinking about art.

The authors have all submitted their summaries, which will be included under the cut.  Artists, please read through the summaries and then comment to request the one you are interested in.  I'm not entirely sure if that's exactly how it's supposed to be done, but given that this is a rather small scale Big Bang, I think we'll manage :)

Assignments will be made on a first come, first serve basis and I'll try to mark off which summaries are taken in a timely manner to avoid confusion.  All summaries will be listed anonymously and comments will be screened.  Once a summary is taken, I will PM/email both the author and the artist to put them in contact with one another.

Please refer to the FAQ post for information about the guidelines and rules regarding Big Bang.  Questions?  Ask, because I'm sort of not sure I'm doing it right :)

Click for summaries.Collapse )

Writer Check in #5

How is it already a week into August?!

We've got about a month until things are due, so how is everyone coming?  I sent my fic off for a beta not too long ago, so I feel pretty good about that :)  How is writing going for the rest of you?

Writer Check-In #4

So last week LJ was non-functional, which is why I didn't get a chance to make a post.  Which is all the more reason we need a check-in today :)

August is here and deadlines are approaching.  How are we all faring?  Did LJ's downtime help anyone get more writing done?

Writer Summaries

If all Writers could submit this form:


And post it in the comments asap that would be great! Let's get this back on schedule!